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Teachers Needed in Vietnam

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Date: Tuesday, 28 August 2007, at 1:01 a.m.

Our Saigon-based school is an expanding organisation with over 160 expatriates employed in a wide range of teaching, academic management and administrative positions. With new centres opening and high growth in student numbers, over the coming 12 months, we expect this number to increase by 50%.

All expatriates, including our Board of Directors, are qualified ELT teachers and unlike many schools around the world, we have a clear, unwavered focus on academic quality. Coupled with significant financial investments,
this translates directly to opportunity for teachers and academic managers to develop professionally and progress to senior positions.

There is a broad range of academic opportunities available, from entry level teaching positions to Academic Director Positions

In addition to academic opportunities, we have a wide range of non-academic opportunities. Recently these have included; editing and writing positions, teacher welfare positions, HR management positions, and marketing positions.


Few countries can offer EFL teachers a lifestyle that compares to Vietnam. With over 160 expatriates employed at our school, you�ll find your social life in full gear from the moment you land.

Aside from sponsored events, Christmas Gala parties, birthday parties, annual beach trips and regular staff and teacher parties, you�ll discover social and lifestyle opportunities all around you. Eateries from around the world, cafes, bars, clubs, shows, live music, theatre, cinema, etc. It�s all here and very affordable.

For the energetic, there�s rock climbing, an abundance of sports clubs and gyms, trekking, cycling, etc. When city life gets too much you can hop on a bus or a plane to nearby beaches - there�s plenty of choice and again the costs will all be within your budget.

There�s no shortage of choices of exciting, exotic regional destinations. In a few hours you could be discovering the wonders of Angkor Wat, Burma or Laos, lazing on the beaches of Bali, Thailand or Malaysia, shopping for bargains in the markets of Bangkok, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Singapore or Shanghai�the choices are endless.


We are seeking English language teaching professionals to join our dedicated team of teachers and Academic Managers. We teach Young Learners and Adults a range of ELT programmes including General English, Exam Preparation and Corporate ELT.

We have training centres in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Hanoi, Danang and Vung Tau. Teachers are able to transfer between centres.

� Highly competitive remuneration packages
� Dedicated academic management and support team
� Excellent career opportunities in academic management, teacher training and other areas
� Strong support and professional development [inc. in-house CELTA, CELTYL, DELTA programmes]
� World class facilities and teaching resources
� Great social network throughout the organisation
� Free introductory Vietnamese language courses
� Transfer between our training centres located in key cities throughout Vietnam
� The opportunity to get involved in charitable projects through our Community Network

Candidates with an undergraduate degree and a CELTA [or equivalent] are encouraged to apply.

If you are not yet qualified, we offer the CELTA throughout the year in Ho Chi Minh City.

Send your resume with a realistic start date to :

For more information, please visit: or download our info booklet:

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