Monday, August 6, 2007

Volunteer teachers for Vietnam

Teaching Positions in Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Russia, and Mexico through Global Crossroad

Posted By: Global Crossroad <>
Date: Monday, 6 August 2007, at 5:59 a.m.

Global Crossroad is one of the world’s fastest growing volunteer abroad organizations – each year sending nearly 2000 volunteers to various countries word-wide. Since 2003, Global Crossroad has established itself as a major teacher placement agency – sending over 200 English teachers to China each year.

Our growing success in China inspired us to open more English-teaching opportunities in other parts of the world. We recently teamed up with a number of well-respected, long-established schools and language institutes to offer paid teaching opportunities in numerous countries around the world.
We also recently began offering both an internationally-recognized, 120-hour, online and abroad (17 exotic destinations worldwide) TEFL courses accompanied by job placement services, and outstanding field support. In addition, we also guaranteed teaching positions for native English-speakers in China.

While there are no qualifications required for native English speakers interested in teaching China, other countries require the following:

• Native English Speaker
• A Bachelor's Degree or higher OR an Associate's Degree from a recognized college accompanied by either a TEFL or TESOL certification.

Salary and Benefits
Salary and benefits vary from country-to-country and are usually determined by education, and qualifications. Below is a sample of some of the salaries English-teachers can expect:

- China: $300-$1000/month
- Vietnam: $300-$700/month
- Thailand: $800-$1000/month
- South Korea: $1800-$2500/month
- Japan: $1800-$2075/month
- Taiwan: $1950-$3850/month
- Mexico: $10.50/hour

Additionally, many of these countries offer a variety of benefits such as severance pay, airfare reimbursement, living accommodations, meals, vacation, sick leave, as well as health insurance. For further details pertaining to salary and benefits, please visit

Placement Fees

Japan, Korea, and Taiwan: $0 – Placement Fees Completely Waived
China, Vietnam, Thailand, Mexico: $599- $799

We offer substantial discounts for participants enrolled in either our online of abroad (17 exotic destinations worldwide) TEFL courses!

How to apply?

For Japan, Korea, and Taiwan – simply email us your resume and a cover letter
For China, Vietnam, Thailand, Mexico – please use Global Crossroad’s online application option.

If you would like to apply today or need further information, contact Jeremy D.T. (Paid Teaching Abroad Program Manager) at or 1-800-413-2008.

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