Friday, July 25, 2008

Teachers Needed in Danang, Vietnam

Fisher's SuperKids <>
Date: Thursday, 24 July 2008, at 12:17 p.m.

Fisher's SuperKids, a leading English for children institute in Vietnam, is now offering positions for 12-month contracts starting in August and September 2008.

It's not just about teaching English. Teachers will have a great opportunity to impact a whole generation of children in Vietnam and at the same time immerse in an interesting culture and a new way of life with much to enjoy and to remember.

"A heart for teaching - A passion for learning" is our guiding philosophy. Teachers are encouraged to think beyond teaching English just for communication as in reality they are preparing the students for better opportunities in the future for their academic, personal and professional development. For the students, learning cannot be forced. We therefore carefully design the program, select the materials, set up classroom and follow certain ways of teaching that will excited them to learn through active participation. Outside the classrooms, we provide them many opportunities to explore nature, visit orphanages and do other projects that foster learning in fun and meaningful ways.

As quality is very important, we keep the classsize to sixteen students only and each classroom is fully equipped for teaching and learning purposes. Teachers are carefully selected to meet high standards of teaching. Each teacher is assisted by TAs who provide all kinds of support and keep in touch with parents about their children's progress.

As much as we want our students enjoy learning at our school, we make sure teachers are fully supported by the staff and management to do the best they can and are happy working with us by fulfilling our contractual commitment and doing more for them through social events and retreats. We provide different packages depending on the length of the contract, experience and qualifications. All negotiation is based on a mutual understanding and agreement to make sure everyone involved is happy.

We are located in Danang, probably the best city to live and work in Vietnam for many reasons:

- we have great beaches, great local food, and very friendly people all around
- we are very close to world famous tourist attractions such as Hoi An, Hue, My Son holy land, Cham Islands,,,
- the pace of life is perfect, not rushing, and the costs of living are low. YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SAVE MONEY
- security is excellent
- opportunities to help others (orphans, street children...)

Apply now by sending your resume to Hai Huynh at and visit our website: for more information about us.

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